Dawid is a senior director and professional attorney with more than 20 years’ experience. He is a leading specialist at the firm and and accountable for developing, implementing and managing strategy and business systems and operations. Dawid is well known to provide pragmatic solutions and exacting knowledge while managing relationships and legal solutions for leading financial institutions.

As well as heading up the property department Dawid is experienced in property and commercial transactions as well as finance, dispute resolution, wills, trusts and estates. Being a qualified notary public he furthermore executes all duties relating thereto such as drafting of servitudes, marital agreements and cessions. Since joining the firm 17 years ago, he has excelled at providing exceptional solutions to his clients.

Intimately involved with the management of the firm, Dawid also participates in the firm’s transformation and marketing endeavours.

He is able to uphold high standards of service making him a sought-after specialist in the property and development sectors.